[NCAA Basketball] Coach's gameplan?

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Firstly, lol l3thal. Secondly, I think I've pretty much said what I think they need to do in other posts but I have nothing better to do so here goes.

UNC- Don't get trigger happy on the 3-point line. Get May involved early, maybe force Illinois to double down and free up some shooters. Marvin Williams needs to wake up and be the great sixth man he was during the regular season. Felton has to stay on the court. Stick with man-to-man as they've done pretty much all year.

Illinois- Just kep doing what they've been doing. Switch Powell and Augustine on May constantly to TRY and wear him down. Keep shooting the 3 until it leaves you. Pressure man defense to try and force Felton into stupid mistakes. He had 5 (I think most in the first half) against MSU.

And in the end, just look to BOOG's post :laugh:

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