NBA's desire to raise age limit to 20 "racist"

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I don't get him, he wasn't all that great either when he got in the nba, so why can't players be given a better chance of being future stars?


You are so right. He sucked when he got here...and only in the last two to three years has he been at the level he's at.

Like I one talks about all the failed attempts at the big jump from HS to the NBA.

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I'm sorry, I missed this. When did we add this one?

Amendment XXVIII

18 years of age entitles individuals to enter into any organization or employment field that they choose. No employer may impose an age limit, neither minimum or maximum as a condition of employment.


Ahh...but the NBA isn't an's an organization and can pretty much have 'entry requirements'. heck...they could say...Fine. You need a two year degree before playing in the NBA. It's now a job requirement.

The NFL has age limits that have been tested to the Supreme Court....

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I was being sarcastic, hence the fictitious amendment.  :)


hahaha...and here I am...already attacking the fake

my apologies :laugh:

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I just love how this topic devolves into a whine session.  Are you telling me that there aren't any predominately white colleges?  You are also forgetting that the lack of programming enjoyed by blacks lead to the creation of BET. 

White history month would be the other 8 months of the school year.

You really need to get out more.

585767815[/snapback] we can have a Miss White USA? United Whitey College Fund? National Association for the Advancement of White People?

Please. Open your eyes a bit.

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anyone that just dismisses the idea as being stupid or blast o'neal as tossing out the race card isn't looking objectively at all at the whole situation. he's not that off base.  the rule would affect a whole lot more blacks than whites and thats a fact.


But why on earth this issue?

THe salary cap hurt black players a lot more than whites. Why not attack that issue?

This one, IMO is really reaching on his part.

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the salary cap came before him he cant change history.  but he is bringing to the forefront that this will affect blacks more than whites and its good for that to be brought to light so that i can be thought about and dicussed instead of being swept under the rug. he's not a moron for it and maybe its a stretch but the fact that more blacks would be affected does hold some merit.


They could make a rule that no players can use the restroom at halftime. that would affect more blacks too. See my point?

This is a stupid, selfish camera grabbing attempt at common sense, and's not working.

For all the Lebrons, you never hear of the failures that don't make it and are delusional to think they keep playing they can make it. Once they realize they can't, they are 30, no education, and nothing worth hiring over.

That is the issue. make these kids go to school (for free..if they are that good) and get something out of it.

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wow way to trivialize it!! this isnt about bathrooms but about money and how many of the owners are getting fleeced into putting money into kids that dont pan out. you dont think its money then you are stupid too.? its owners wasting their money in talent that never pans out, those failures as u state.? stern is introducing the idea to save the owners from losing money in projects, and no not the hood projects.? yeah its those failures that the OWNERS dont want to lose money in.? like i said before if they said they wanted to ONLY allow kids that go to college in then fine i'm ok with that otherwise they are just trying to keep from losing money and thats fine but dont dismiss the fact.? say you want the kids in school, at least come up with a good disguse for your motives than some bull**** becuase the other leagues do.


Erm...I was making an analogy regarding your previous statement...

but the fact that more blacks would be affected does hold some merit.

That has nothing to do with it.....the fact that there are 80% blacks in the NBA makes that statement alone in ANYTHING the league will do. Travelling will now be called more often. Guess what? that affects more blacks! Oh noes!!!

My point, is that that statement is irrelevant, and for the idiot millionaire to make it appear that it does, is myopic.

I agree with you to a point. It's to keep kids that don't have a chance to stay in school, which I agree. Just because Jermaine O'Neal can do it, doesn't mean the other dozens can too.

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I didn't know travelling will affect future players entering the NBA and you're calling them myopic.


Ahh. Way to completely miss the actual issue. That was impressive.

It will affect more what Jermaine O'Neal stated. That is the issue....he's stating it will affect blacks.

Of course it will. 80% of the players ....heck, probably more are black.

My point is this.....IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COLOR!! Why bring it up?? They always play the race card when they feel it will help the cause. This has nothing to do with race.

And actually, baseball does have an age limit. 18. Even still, they have three layers of minor leagues that need to be gone through before hitting the big time. To earn their spot in the pros. You may have those that totally skip the minors, but that is EXTREMELY rare to see. I don't see many ball players whining about I see them jumping in the stands and attacking fans.

Hockey's limit is 18....I don't know nor care about that rule, as I could care less about hockey in general.

The only 'major' sport that doesn't actually have any age limit is Soccer.

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Like Christracy says, O'neills claims does hold some merit and simply dismissing it and calling him a moron completely trivialize the situation.


When you bring race into a completely non-race issue, I disagree. He's a moron.

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if oneal is a moron for throwing out the race card the nba is stupid to even introduce the idea after so many have utilized the opening.


and hundreds utilize it and fail?

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Then, look at guys like Keith Van Horn. Stayed 4 years at Utah. Would you say he is a better player than Carmelo Anthony?


Next question....

Would Van Horn had made it straight from High School, then?

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