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As much as I like fantasy themed games (I'm a bit fan of Warcraft III - never had a chance thouth to play WOW though), I just don't have the time to play them recently. But aparently this does not mean I cannot have that distinct atmosphere surrounding me while I work.

Apocalypse_67 seems to be on a "Total Warcraft Desktop" quest recently which I absolutely admire. He's created some true gems for the Warcraft fans:


> WindowBlinds: [Link]


> CursorXP: [Link]


> Rainlendar: [Link]


> SysMetrix: [Link]

I'm fairly sure we will be seing more of the themes from him soon enough so check out his library periodically [Link]. I certainly will keep an eye on it.

Looking for more stuff I've found there's plethora of other Warcraft goodies on Wincustomize. Whether you need a wall a DeskopX widget or an ObjectDock icon, you just need to check out this [Link]. I was unaware how much cool stuff people have created concerning my favorite Warcraft series.

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These are really good.

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