San marino Grand prix

Predict the car which will win the race...  

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  1. 1. Predict the car which will win the race...

    • Mclaren
    • Ferrari
    • Renault
    • Sauber
    • Williams
    • Toyota
    • BAR

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San marino GP is here...

Drivers standings:

F.Alonso 26

J.Trulli 16

G.Fisichella 10

Championship standings:

Renault 36

Toyota 25

McLaren-Mercedes 19

Qualifing is going on...

Button p1

Alonso p2

Raikkonen p3

Go mclaren.... and i hope ferrari poor run continues.... :p

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I'm sorry but the honeymoon period for Renault, Toyota et al, is sadly over. Ferrari will have a 1-2 at San Marino. It's gonna be the start of another beautiful season for the Scuderia.

They 'let' the other teams dominate the start of the season to increase viewing figures for the sport. :whistle:

Now the real sason starts :D

And yes, I'm Tifosi so I'm biased :whistle:

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Raikkonen takes overnight pole - by 0.003secs!  :omg:


I know, very very close, I don't like this two part qualifying session, you don't get the drama, Hopefully they are planning to change the system.

Hopefully either Alonso or Raikkonen take it, should be interesting to see how Ferarri and Bridgestone fight back

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and i hope ferrari poor run continues.... :p


Amen to that :yes:

Montoya, Alonso and Raikonnen are my fav drivers. But since Montoya is injured then I personally hope Raikonnen can get the win because he deserves it. But I think Alonso will win though, Kimi will get technical problems.

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Ferrari clearly didn't do their pre-season homework, and it shows. Now they are spending loads of money on testing and research, but I'm afraid this time it's gonna be a little harder for them to reach back the n.1 spot.

Go Alonso!

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grid position after 2nd Q

1. Kimi Raikkonen Finland McLaren-Mercedes 02:42.880

2. Fernando Alonso Spain Renault-Renault 02:43.441

3. Jenson Button Britain BAR-Honda 02:44.105

4. Mark Webber Australia Williams-BMW 02:44.511

5. Jarno Trulli Italy Toyota-Toyota 02:44.518

6. Takuma Sato Japan BAR-Honda 02:44.658

7. Alexander Wurz Austria McLaren-Mercedes 02:44.689

8. Nick Heidfeld Germany Williams-BMW 02:45.196

9. Rubens Barrichello Brazil Ferrari-Ferrari 02:45.243

10. Ralf Schumacher Germany Toyota-Toyota 02:45.416

11. Jacques Villeneuve Canada Sauber-Petronas 02:46.259

12. Giancarlo Fisichella Italy Renault-Renault 02:46.710

13. Michael Schumacher Germany Ferrari-Ferrari 02:47.244

14. David Coulthard Britain Red Bull-Cosworth 02:48.070

15. Vitantonio Liuzzi Italy Red Bull-Cosworth 02:48.155

16. Narain Karthikeyan India Jordan-Toyota 02:52.099

17. Tiago Monteiro Portugal Jordan-Toyota 02:54.252

18. Felipe Massa Brazil Sauber-Petronas 02:44.930*

19. Patrick Friesacher Austria Minardi-Cosworth 02:57.048

20. Christijan Albers Holland Minardi-Cosworth

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Looking good for alonso and renault. Raikonnen was winning up to 6th lap but had a problem and his race finished. Here's the positions so far.

1 F Alonso (Renault)

2 J Button (BAR)

3 J Trulli (Toyota)

4 M Webber (Williams)

5 T Sato (BAR)

6 A Wurz (McLaren)

7 J Villeneuve (Sauber)

8 R Barrichello (Ferrari)

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Five laps to go and its a 0.3 second lead for alonso over Schumacher! Hope alonso got gives in...and button is doing well to hold up at p3.

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Another great performance from Alonso. His third straight win. Schummi couldn't do enough to beat Alonso. He's in 2nd. Button with a great race in 3rd.

The results:

1 F Alonso (Renault)

2 M Schumacher (Ferrari)

3 J Button (BAR)

4 A Wurz (McLaren)

5 T Sato (BAR)

6 J Villeneuve (Sauber)

7 J Trulli (Toyota)

8 R Schumacher (Toyota)

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Alonso won and it's a hat trick (Y) and Schumacher has his first podium of the season...button third. BAR and ferrari are back into form :D

It was a dissapointing race for Kimi after doing so well in the qualifing :(

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Good job Alonso and Renault.

Anyone know specifically what happened to Kimi's car?


a joint failed in the driveshaft - very unlucky, he would have gone on to win it though

What the hell were ITV doing, showing adverts with 3 laps to go, at the most exciting part of the race.


Agreed, the program director should be sacked, worst decision ever, well at least they showed it again at the end but it ruined the moment,

One of the most exciting races I have seen in some time, that Ferrari was on steroids.

Looking forward to the next one.

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