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I am currnetly in the process of building a new wrestling web site, with the main emphasis on the forum section. If anybody would be so kind as to visit the site (forums), register and post any comments/suggestions etc in the apropriate section, and even start posting in the main sections, this would realy help me get an over all view of what is needed and/or needs changing to possibly make it a very successfull Wrestling WebSite.

Thank you in advance to all that are willing to help.

Matthew AKA NiTeFlY

SITE:- (Main undirected URL)

PS. If you would like to help me build the main site (news, reviews,design etc..) as an admin, or as a mod within the forums, please email me via my profile.

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I would be willing to help you...I love wrestling and have done for over 15 years..:)...I'll have a visit now


That would be great , As you will notice, theres not much to it at the moment (and even less on the main page). Its a sort of "work in progress". Im gonna be adding bits and pieces to the main page as and when i get the time (most of the time actualy). As I said, Im mainly concentrating on the forums at the moment, that way I will have more ppl to help me with the main layout (My artistic skill is less than zero).

Let me know what you are willing/able to do (via email) and Ill hook you up with an account (if u have any previous work (ie Sites/Design etc.. let me know)



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