[NHL] Despite the lockout, Leaf fans hanging tough

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Leaf subscribers hanging on to their tickets

Last updated May 2 2005 09:01 AM EDT

CBC News

TORONTO ? The Toronto Maple Leafs say their subscription ticket holders have been keeping the faith, despite a cancelled season and the threat that the hockey lockout could continue into the fall.

The Leafs say that they've heard from lots of unhappy fans since the lockout derailed the 2004/05 season.

However, it would appear that none of the team's biggest spending fans has been angry enough to abandon their reserved seats at the Air Canada Centre.

"To this date, I can say none," said ACC general manager Bob Hunter. "We've had no cancellations of our season tickets."

Season tickets to Leaf games don't come cheap ? a pair ranges from $3,000 to $15,000 plus service fees ? particularly for a team that hasn't won the league championship since 1967.

But fans like Robbie Grossman, whose tickets have been in his family since the 1930s, wouldn't dream of giving them up.

"Even in the Harold Ballard days, it's a place people want to go. It's a place people want to spend a Saturday night," Grossman said.

"I don't think that anything that the NHL's going through right now with the Leafs will affect people's desire to have Leafs seats."

Other NHL teams have seen cancellations, with even the Montreal Canadiens reporting that five per cent of their subscribers have dropped their season tickets.

Hunter credits Toronto's status as the "hockey mecca in North America" for the endurance of Leaf fans. "That support is truly very unique and we are thankful for it," he said.

During the lockout, Leaf season ticket holders have been receiving monthly refunds with interest.

The team has not announced details of ticket sales for next season.


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Haha..it's the same as here in Detroit...the fans are making money with the interest the teams are paying them on their tickets..why give it up? It's like the money is in a bank.

Unfortunately, I wouldn't mind Detroit losing some season ticket holders...maybe I'd move up the waiting list a bit =)

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Good old tdot

hockey n canada go together so well i am indian n i luv hockey so much, n i noe i am not alone kids n teachers at school discusse hockey n even hold lunch time tournaments :p

its great if hockey was a religion i would convert :p(expecting to get flameed)

leafs have been my team for life n i would never part with them. personaly i have only been to 3 regular season games because the tickets cost so much :( i wish they would lower the prices


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