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Slimming Down Windows XP

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EduardValencia    0


how to make XP faster


And the10 commandments each neowinian should follow


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The Cook    0

Brillant Guide,

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9    3

yipes. too much for me. I've disabled a lot of services. yes, going further... doing more time-expensive weeding could remove files that now consume startup AV-scan time, but.. uh.... i OCD about other things :-)

Your distinction between deleting files vs |+ unregistering files is interesting.

i'd expect that some cleanerware would take account the complexities of multiple/cross "dependencies", as you've introduced (dvd play vs wmp, vs dxx games vs etc)

the next big overhaul of your project could include quick-accessibility features. some kind of folding+expander list, with hover info for estimated improvement (kb of ram? mb of disk space? this info could be plain text, but additionally indicating where user needs to apply a factor dependent upon their sys.)

perhaps a "wrapper" like this already exists, usable for (your) batch files.

one suggestion for your intro (at blogspot), regarding Backup location of deleted files: I'd change the term "smart placement" to "parallel folder location", "parallel file-folders" or "parallel folders structure", or similar term that's more readily understood (IMO).

just a .02 pesos x current exchange rate ...

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