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for those of you who have run either the 3200m or 3000m in track, i could use your help

Well to my surprise, I got put in the 3200 for confrence (actually im quite happy with it because it was between the 4x8 and 3200 (since they are next to each other) and im not that good of a sprinter for the 8). last week in a open weekday meet, with only 3 minuites of warming up since we were late to arrive, I ran a 10:50. I really would like to break 10:30 or come very close to it this friday. Ive come up with what i think might work, but i need opinions and such and other tips/ideas.


79 (2:33)

80 (3:53)

80 (5:15)

78 (6:33)

80 (7:53)

80 (9:13)

77 (10:30)

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My nephew runs track alot and is damn good at it, he's also a member here as well i'll pm him the link to this thread and have him help you

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For long runs such as the 3200 u have to set a well pace and the proper form will b the best way to maintain this pace, my coach tought us this form of running called ti-chi or something, its where u use the weight and momentum of ur body to run, its all in the gut. You lean foward into the run and use ur gut to run and your feet just role beneath u, this makes it easier to run 2 miles at a good pace without burning out. The more u lean the longer ur stride will get, behind you. REMEMBER TO LEAN AT THE FEET NOT THE HIPS!!! Good luck man, i run that race too. :yes:

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