Filthy 48.

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I recently got back fom what has been (for me) the best weekend orientated around riding i have had. Flithy 48 is a smallish scale bike show held at Leisure-Lakes biking shop near Preston, NW England.

It features a whole host of bikes to be test riden, seen in action, bought, hired, and basically a main event consisting of an XC(cross country) race (for you lycra fan-boys) and a Dirt jumping competition, consisting of a pro and novice catagories.

Most of the day could be spent riding, and falling off, or just chilling whevever you wished, as beer was in a high commodity! :happy:

We basically rode a bit, drank a lot, rode a bit more, maybe someone smoked some ever so slightly illegal green plant, but hey, would i join in on such a ill-law-abiding practice as that! Surely not... :whistle:

Just wondering whether anyone else went, and what did you think of the various activities and facilities on show?

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