x64, Explained.

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erm... i never got time to check this one, what was the min requirement for the installation? thought it was 1 GB? (this has nothing to do with your debate going up there :p )

It's just under 300MB, the minimum required for the pre-installation environment which runs from a RAM disk. Once installed on disk, Windows itself doesn't really have much of a minimum requirement, and would probably boot even in 100MB (although it wouldn't be usable.)

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Please throw some light here and help me out

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Darth Laidher

I remember hearing that x64 was gonna take over like 3 or 4 year's ago they were right. Microsoft even say's don't buy new hardware that is only x86 compatible.

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I was just on a thread about uneccessaey apostrophe use.

Amazing how this is a good example.

Anyway, I'm building a AMD cpu Pc, with 64bit obviously...to be on subject I guess.

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