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2 Routers+ switch!?!? possible?



I've decided to getting the Linksys WRT54GX router to replace my current Netgear 834g router.

Since the linksys router is only a router and not a modem (modem required for my ADSL service) i've done abit of reaserch and found i can get a adsl modem (which has ethernet connection) and connect that to a wifi router. I;ve attached an image below to show the setup i would like. i just need to know if it will work.

the modem im planning on using is this one:




and since i need a 1gb switch for lan i was deciding on either:

Netgear: http://www.netgear.com/products/details/GS605.php


Linksys: http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=49456


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Providing that Adsl modem router has a DHCP server on it, just disable DHCP server on the wireless router and it becomes a switch.

I personally favour Linksys.

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well i've found another ADSL modem which just has ethernet (not a router) :


so basically i'll get the above linksys modem > GRX WIFI ROUTER > Gigabyte switch > PC.

i'll get the whole kit from linksys than mix/mathching. I've had netgear for over 3years now and hoping linksys firmware is upto scratch as netgear's is. :yes:

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