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Image Resizing + Sending to DB


rossco_2004    0

What i'm tryng to do is have images resized to a width of 200 or height of 80, if it's greater in either of those.

It keeps it's proportions.

Here is what i've gotten so far:

//Define the maximum height and width
$maxheight = 80;
$maxwidth = 200;

//Find image's size
	$imgsize = getimagesize($_POST['imgurl']);
	$imgheight = $imgsize[1];
	$imgwidth = $imgsize[0];

	//Calculate the size factor
	if (($imgheight >= ($maxheight + 1)) or ($imgwidth >= ($maxwidth + 1))) 
  if ($imgheight >= $imgwidth) 
  	$sizefactor = (double) ($maxheight / $imgheight);
  	$sizefactor = (double) ($maxwidth / $imgwidth);

	//Figure out new dimensions
	$newwidth = (int) ($imgwidth * $sizefactor);
	$newheight = (int) ($imgheight * $sizefactor);

$_POST['imgurl'] is the url to the image, for example:


What i've gotten it to do is find the original dimensions, and calculate what the new dimensions will be.

What I don't know how to do is to make it resize the image.

Can anyone help with that code?

BTW it has to be able to distinguish between gif, png, and jpg (i'll limit it to those file types) if relevant.

If someone can tell me how to insert it into a database instead of creating a new file that would be a bonus. :)

Thanks for any help! :)

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