[UCONN] Marcus and AJ about to get expelled

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STORRS -- There's more trouble for the UConn men's basketball program.

Campus police are investigating the alleged theft of lap top computers by players Marcus Williams and A.J. Price.

Police said the investigation is in the early stages, but police sources feel that they have some good leads.

Two university sources said that Williams and Price allegedly stole ten lap top computers from UConn dorm rooms.

According to the New London Day, two of the victims are on the women's basketball team, Kalana Greene and Renee Montgomery.

Sources say they planned to sell the computers.

No arrests have been made and police say the investigation is ongoing.

Williams is coming off a break out sophomore season.  He started all 31 games for the Huskies at point guard. Price, a freshman, sat out because of a brain hemmorage.

The investigation comes two months after freshman Antonio Kellogg was arrested twice.

Kellogg was expelled from UConn and has returned home to California.

idiots. there go our chances for the title next year...now we have no point guard. unless, of course, i try out.

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Gordon wasn't exactly a model...but at least he kept out of trouble. Okafor though, man, what I would give for him to be back. Can't complain though, I did get to see him play for one year. Seriously though, what happened to guys like Ray Allen, Rip Hamilton, Okafor, Ricky Moore, Doron Sheffer, etc. We've now lost three players in less than six months.

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This is what happens when you recruit style over substance and this is also why the NBA needed an older age limit than 19. These kids are using college as a pit stop to the NBA, they don't have any respect for their university, fellow schoolmates, or anybody else.

It's sad man, a couple of years ago I thought I'd never see this type of action going on at UCONN. When you see guys like Khalid El-Amin, Ray Allen, Omeka Okafor, Travis Knight, Ben Gordon...guys who gave 4 years of their life and their heart and soul to that school, you tend to think all the guys would be like them. But, I think part of the blame should go to Calhoun too. He's brought on some questionable players the last 2-3 years (in my opinion, anyway).

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