T.O. was supposedly punk'd by Ashton

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Source: CNNSI

Point #1.

Eagles receiver Terrell Owens will appear on an upcoming episode of Punk'd, in which celebrities are victims of practical jokes. In T.O.'s case, he was led to believe that Philadelphia would actually renegotiate his contract. Hilarity, of course, ensued.

:rofl: :laugh: Can't wait to see that episode!! :laugh:

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Are you sure that's not a complete joke? I mean obviously what the prank is was a joke but that article seems like Bill Schreft's "The Show" piece that appears in the mag weekly. I think he wrote his last one last week. It's basically a bunch of one liners. This seems to be going along those lines looking at all the points. But yeah the first parts of the rest of the jokes are real so I guess that one is too.

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