The best Camelbak or any type of backbag

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hello all,

I am sure a couple of you do mountain biking and I'd like to what type of camelbak you guys use. Which would you recommand

I want to buy one from ebay but I don't know much what to "check"

Not an obligation to be from camelbak brand

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Well I've used a Camelbak on several occasions. I can't recommend a particular model, I just know it held about 2-2 1/2 liters of water and had alot of packing space (I had enough for 3 days worth of clothes plus other items).

I would try and go to an outdoors store and see which fits best for you. I know Camelbaks are a little more because of the name (their quality is top as well, though) so you might be able to find a cheaper alternative. I'll try to find a model number or name for you this weekend.

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