[MLB] AL/NL All-Star Selections

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Starting for AL:

C Jason Varitek Boston

1B Mark Teixeira Texas

2B Brian Roberts Baltimore

SS Miguel Tejada Baltimore

3B Alex Rodriguez New York

OF Johnny Damon Boston

OF Vladimir Guerrero Los Angeles

OF Manny Ramirez Boston

DH David Ortiz Boston - People's Choice

Rest of AL Team

Starting for NL:

C Mike Piazza New York

1B Derek Lee Chicago

2B Jeff Kent Los Angeles

SS David Eckstein St. Louis

3B Scott Rolen St. Louis

OF Bobby Abreu Philadelphia

OF Carlos Beltran New York

OF Jim Edmonds St. Louis

Rest of NL Team

Vote for final man on both teams.

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Go Mets! 3 players representing. Though I'd prefer to see Floyd and Wright go rather than Piazza and Beltran since they don't really deserve it this year.

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Today is the last day to vote for the final roster spot for both teams. The voting ends at 8PM EST (GMT-5).

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Nothing, of course. I hate that the All Star games (in virtually any sport) are popularity contests. What..just up until a few weeks ago, Nomar was the top vote getter for NL SS. Yay.

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IlliniPi, you got your wish, Scott Podsednik and Roy Oswalt are heading to Detroit. Jeter and Hoffman finished 2nd.


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