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let me start by saying this isnt the greatest players off all time in each position but which players will make the best team, if you were to make a all NBA team who will you put on it? and the player will be in his prime now it time for my list.

C=shaq(he can kill the other team)(Double Teams)

PF=Bill russell(his D and rebounds will have shaq play more on Offance)

SF=G. Rice(good shot)

SG=R. miller(good shot and good movement with other the ball and can get open)(the other SG will get tired late in the game)(quick hands ok D)

PG=MJ( since G.Rice and R.miller he could play more on D and he has a good shot)


C=wilt(100 points in 1 game)

PF=Ben wallace(like his play but is a little small for center)(good D)

SF=T-mac(just wanted to make this list in 1 min)

SG=magic johnson(he is a tall PG with a good shot)

PG=Jason Kidd(lead a team)

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C - David Robinson - Greatest all-around C in NBA history

PF - Karl Malone - scored, rebounded, defense (and played dirty - you always need at least one "dirty" guy)

SF - Scottie Pippen - did all the small things you need

SG - Oscar Robertson - always a triple-double threat

PG - Tiny Archibald - could drop 30 and 10 assists on ANYBODY

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PG - Bob Cousy (pure point, didn't care about scoring, knows the game)

SG - Michael Jordan (the go-to guy, can shut down your team's SG, best EVER)

SF - Larry Bird (perfect for kickout 3s, HEART, intelligent)

PF - Tim Duncan (automatic double-team, will rebound & block shots, loves the post)

C - Bill Russell (shuts down the lane, forces your team to shoot from perimeter, doesn't demand shots)


PG - Magic Johnson (will bring quick tempo off the bench, pass first shoot second)

SG - Allen Iverson (perfect compliment to Magic's fastbreak, not afraid to drive, quickest player on the court)

SF - Scottie Pippen (100% defense, knows the team-game)

PF - Kevin Garnett (mismatch at PF, automatic double-double, loves to win)

C - Shaquille O'Neal (another post presence, brings the double-team, high field goal %)

C - Wilt Chamberlain (scoring and defense, plays some D, negates the hack-a-Shaq)

PF - Charles Barkley (mr. versatile, can bring the ball up, can hold the post, shoots outside)

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PG- Tiny Archibald

SG- Michael Jordan

SF- George Gervin

PF- Charles Barkley

C- Wilt Chamberlain

Coach: Red Auerbach

This considering they are all at their 'prime'. This would make for the best basketball team, in my opinion.

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I can't believe no one is considering Dream Olajuwon (most blocks in history) or Kareem at center. Abdul Jabbar's skyhook was unguardable and Hakeem showed in the playoffs that he is much better than David Robinson.

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