How to setup cables, please help

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Pink Floyd

hello all

I have a HD Cablebox that I want to setup with my TV and HDD+DVD

So far, I'm unable to put dvd between cablebox and tv with components because dvd doesn't have component input

so what I did is put component from cablebox to tv in video1

S-Video from cablebox to dvd to tv in video2

video3 (front) = empty

tv = direct cable from splitter

nb.: I just found out that the HD cablebox image isnt good and there is no good one on their site. The real one has 1in/1out component and also a dvi (useless for me since my tv doesnt have dvi)

This is the only setup I have done but unfortunatly, I can't register from cablebox. The only way to register is directly from cable which is normal analog tv :(

I bought thr HD cablebox just to be able to connect my stuff at least wirh S-Video but also with component if possible to get better image period.

Is there something I miss or anything? I would really want to record to dvd from cablebox because my wife and I often buy movies from indigo and local tv provider channel and I sometimes want to record them

any idea?

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