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Alright well the story is a few years ago my godfather gave me 2 collectors cards and told me they where worth some money. Or would be when it came time to put my kids through college. Unfortunantly he recently passed away and i dont know anything about collectors cards. I was wondering whether anyone here could tell me how much they are worth now. And whether they are gaining value or lossing value. Both cards have never been out of the package since i have had them. I would appreciate anyone who knows that they are doing to let me know. Chances are they are probally not worth more than a few bucks, but who knows.

Here are the pictures.

I will link to them because the pictures are huge to show detail. Both are what i consider "mint condition" cept for the cases they are in. the 4 images are in there one of the front and one of the back for each.

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i have thousands of baseball and football cards going back for decades, alot of them are worthless now but its only a matter of time before they regain their value again...

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There was a time when cards like this were worth hundreds, but they are only worth what people will pay for them :(

Ebay - Griffey Rookie Card

Ebay - Steve Young Rookie Card


That's because Donruss makes crappy cards....look for Griff's upper deck rookie card. that's the valuable one.

It's not just about getting a rookie card...its' THE rookie card....

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