How to: Remove the text from the log off buttons

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use ResHack to open explorer.exe

in the tree, go to String Table> 439 > 1033

on line 7012 if you're not part of a domain, or 7013 if you are part of a domain

delete &Log Off and T&urn Off Computer, but leave the | pipes |


Save as explorer2.exe

Use the Replacer to replace explorer.exe with explorer2.exe


And you'll get this:


I like the way it looks quite a bit.

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glad you got it working.

i believe the file names must match. so copy and paste explorer.exe to the desktop, edit it, compile, then save. then use replacer to replace the stock explorer.exe with the hacked one.

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By the way, if you're part of a domain... instead of changing the strings on line 7012, change the strings on line 7013.

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