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Apple Computer Prices

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MLapointe    0

What would be the cheapest Apple computer I could buy that could run Mac OS X and where can I purchase that Apple computer (ie. company, website....).

I've always been interested in Apple computers ever since I've been using them at high school and college. They are by far easier than any version of Microsoft Windows I've ever used (which is about all versions of Windows) but for what I get hardware wise there just more than I would like to pay.

If there's a place where I can buy an iMac for what the hardware is worth I'd be very Interested. For the 799.00 iMac I can go to Gateway's website and buy the 300SE special for 600.00 that comes with a processor that I know is faster than the 500Mhz G3 processor. I'll compare the specs below.

Gateway Computer(599.00) iMac Computer (799.00)

Celeron 1.3Ghz G3 500Mhz

128MB RAM Same

20GB Hard Drive Same

CD-Burner CD-ROM drive (not burner)

15" Monitor Same

Windows XP Home Edition Mac OS X

The hardware alone on the Gateway system is much better for 200 dollars less. The 1.3GHz processor is faster than the G3 500Mhz processor. I don't think that G3 performs 800Mhz faster than it's clock speed stated. Don't bother trying to say otherwise.

For 200 dollars less I "GET" a faster processor and a CD-burner.

But to put it simple if someone can find me a website that sells that same iMac for 599 dollars instead of 799 dollars I will go to that website and pop out my credit card and order next day shipping on that succer.

Don't get me wrong I'm in no way anti-Microsoft or anti-Apple but if I have a choice between the two I will go with the computer that gives me more bang for my buck. If I can get an Apple computer for as much bang on my buck as a pc (I didn't say more bang for my buck) I will buy the Mac over the Windows based PC in a heartbeat.

If your a Mac believer and can't stand Microsoft it's up to you to provide me with a company to swing me away from Microsoft. If you do I will be converted from a Microsoft guy to a Mac guy.

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Kanecorp    0

i know i've posted this on other forms but..i have an iMac G4 800Mhz and i dont think it is fast at all. My P4 1.3 is much faster (maybe this will change when 10.2 comes out?) I would not recomend getting anything below G4 800mhz only because i think this computer is so slow. OS9 would run nicely..but who wants that

I would go for the PC

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unspec    0

I don't see the point in complaining about Apple hardware prices.

They are a hardware company that is not competing with many other companies with small margins.

So of course they are going to be more expensive.

What if we turn this around?

In 1 year if you come to sell the Mac, it will most probably sell at a higher value than the Gateway that you are comparing it with.

So which is better value now?

I agree that getting into Apple PC buy/upgrade/sell cycle takes more money, but I would suggest that the relative value of the systems is not simply a price ****ing contest.

So you want to buy cheap and sell cheap?

Then the Gateway is perfect :)



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Silvorgold    1

i'm planning on getting an emac (maybe a higher end mac if the price is right) in early fall, cuz i dont want a puter that will be obsolete in 2 months, i want one that will last me atleast a few years, and if i love it, i might get a G5 PowerMac in the next few years, or maybe an 80 gig firewire drive or something..

if you like upgrading hardware, go for a PC (such as if u want a better sound card or something)

but if u dont like upgrading hardware, just get a mac

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