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CMS Help!


Paul    8

Basically I need a CMS that has these features:

- News/Article System with allowance for different categories

- Pic of the day (or something similar)

- Integration with IPB (Can be different, but preffered)

- Image Gallery

- Skinable or similar

- File Upload/Download system (Optinal)

I'd code it myself but I don't have the time or the knowledge. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

(Prefably PHP/MySQL)

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Shadrack    601

i keep hearing great things about WordPress, but haven't actually tried it myself. Being so popular, there is a whole community around "plug-ins" for this CMS. So even if the base doesn't fill your needs, you can likely "plug-in" what you require.

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danmed    0

I have a CMS i have been working on for a while.

It already has the news article system with multiple categorys available.. posts can be edited and deleted too..

I also have a gallery script which autocreates thumbnails which was being designed as an extra module of the CMS but i never finished it.

If you are interested i would be willing to start the project up again. I'm far from an expert PHP coder but i know enough to get by...

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