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Company Networking Problem




I wonder if you can help me, I have just been asked to deliver a presentation for the company, which I work for.

Basically we have one host site, and 10 other offices situated across the uk , an additional two satellite offices, and a number of home-workers. At the moment we have no actual type of intranet in place.

All basic correspondence is posted in outdated MS outlook public folders, which are then replicated to MS Exchange servers across the company. This however can take up to 24hrs or longer.

Any advice guys on the best type of approach/technologies I could use to improve the current situation, while also taking into consideration would make internal information more easily available to the staff.

How it would also ensure & focuses on ease-of-use, and lastly how it would represent a cost-effect solution.

Any help would be appreciated


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Im guessing MS Sharepoint Services/Portal might help especially with sharing documents etc etc

Create VPN's and protect your network using MS ISA 2004, so aslong as each office has an internet connection you can connect safely between offices.

Just a guess but look into it.


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