[Soccer] Michael Owen

Where do you think he'll be September 1st  

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  1. 1. Where do you think he'll be September 1st

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    • Liverpool
    • Newcastle United
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Haha, funny that. Yet you seem to get all of our players  :laugh:

*cough* Robert, Griffin, O' brien, Lua Lua *end cough*


Tee hee i know but they are good players.

But i'm really suprised that Robert came to us on loan!

But hey you brought a player of us, We ripped you off and saw you a mile away

AMDY FAYE :) It has been said he has been offerd BACK to us. :D

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Heh, I admit that Amdy Faye wasn't exactly a world class signing... Touch?.

On a side-note (albeit, a somewhat minor side-note) Owen has agreed a 4 year deal with Newcastle (Pending medical).

Owen set to complete Magpies move

Hopefully the players will wake up and play like the top flight team we are on paper.

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Personally i am gutted he has gone to the Barcodes; but I think a combination of the prospect of not playing every game for the Reds, and also Rafa and Co not being held to ransom over the 16 million fee... I mean, RM still owe the club nigh on 4 million; and to lose him last year for just 8 million plus Nunez (Bag of crap he was!)...

I just feel that with Cisse, Morrientes, Crouch, Pongolle, Mellor, Garcia etc...I cannot see any of them matching Owen for goals scored - we need desperatly to be scoring goals...and I don't see our strikers matching that.

Up the REDMEN.


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Michael who?

He does what exactly?

oh yeah...gets paid way over the odds to kick a ball around with a load of other boys in shorts.


he is a superstar and you are a loser

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Why as a striker would you go to a club with a poor record, fiery players and a crazy manager, who havent scored yet this season. I just dont get it.....meh...he'll be sorry.

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It's quite funny how the comments saying Newcastle are a poor team and a bad manager seem to have Liverpool in their user info...

Sure, I'm from nearby Newcastle, as well as supporting them, but I don't understand how people can instantly condemn something like that.

Souness has brought in some quality players since becoming manager, and I admit we finished badly last season and are playing badly this season, not something I can really deny. But this is clearly because of confidence. On paper we have a top 6 team. Parker, Emre, Luque, and now Owen. We do have quite a strong side. We've just lacked that final touch to make us a good team.

If we continue to do badly, it's clear that something is wrong with the management and Souness can move on. But now that we seem to be sorted out a bit, and with a while till our next game, I'm going to give it time.

You can't expect players to instantly gel together. Injuries don't really help either. Personally, I think we need some new physios... :D

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I hate it when people are already tipping teams for a bad season from just 4 games.

On the bbc 606 message boards everybody is all doom and gloom!

Same thing is happing at pompey everybody wants the club to splash the cash on players and kick out perrin.

Come on he's only been at pompey for like 12 matchs and we've got nearly a whole new squad!

But not really suprised he has not gone to newcastle. When you want out of a club you can't be that pickey when you going to a premiership club and probley getting paid similar.

I think liverpool will not get him or ever get him again.

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Why do Newcastle think they are a big club? When was the last time they won anything? Just look were they finished last season.........


Newcastle clearly are a big club. A club's size isn't made by it's trophy cabinet. As always, it's the fans that make the club.

Pretty ignorant to think they aren't to be honest.

Yes, Newcastle had a bad finish last season, as well as that season we finished 13th under Sir Bobby. Look at our other final standings and I think you'll see a kind of pattern.

Although admittedly, Liverpool are a bigger club in terms of trophies, they have won more league championships than all other teams, yet I wouldn't call them the biggest club in England.

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Yeah I don't understand why he'd want to go to a team that's in the state that Newcastle is in right now. I understand wanting to stay in form for the World Cup but how good can it be to play with a team that dismal right now.

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I think it's just funny how people are still voting, some for Liverpool too. :D

Well, if Newcastle play pants this season, he's got a get-out clause if he's unhappy.

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as a man u fan but a long time fan of owen i can only say well done to newcastle owen is one of the greatest goal scorers ever i wish owen and newcastle all the best of luck!

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