Jerry Rice

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HAHA, please, this guy has lost one thing, his speed. He still runs routes as good as anyone and catches the ball fine. I wish 1% of the NFL had the heart of this man, one percent. No one worked as hard as he did. You are a sad person BOOG if you think he is washed up. He is still better then half the recievers in the league. I love when people say people need to retire, who are you to tell another man he is done doing his job. Ruben Sierra is like 47 and he still plays baseball, Rice is almost 43 and he still made the team. Since he DID do the right thing you slander him. He gave up a spot on the roster and it was probably so someone else of less fortune than him can make the team. So he is thinking of the team I am sure, you people have zero respect.


Um...If he was better than half of the WR in the league, he wouldn't be 4 on the denver bronco's depth chart.

Ruben Sierra is still a good ball player. Jerry Rice is a shell of his former self.

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There's no way you can call his decision babyish or whiny or whatever. It's his decision and it's the right one.


One that should have been done around 4 years ago. I can call it babyish because he didn't get what he wanted, so he retired.

Boog, you should be ashamed of yourself.


No, actually, I'm not. Rice throughout his career was a whiner. It was all about Jerry.

Great player, yes. Great attitude, not so much.

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