[56k] 2005 Peugeot Moovie Concept

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(from Peugeot Press Release)  For the third edition of the Peugeot Design Competition, enthusiasts of automotive styling from all over the world were invited to design the Peugeot of their dreams for the near future.

After the future of 2020 and retro-futurism, participants this year were asked to express their

vision of the Peugeot they would like to drive.

A Portuguese designer, Andr? Costa, won the competition with his project the Moovie, an agile

and environmentally-friendly city car.

At the last Geneva Motor Show, Andr? Costa was awarded the ? La Griffe ? trophy by Fr?d?ric

Saint-Geours, the Chief Executive of Automobiles Peugeot.

But it is at the Frankfurt Motor Show that the competition?s most emblematic prize is unveiled on the Marque?s stand, in the form of a scale 1 concept car, built in accordance with the winning project. Not forgetting a new feature of this third edition: the mass production of the winning project in the form of a? 1/43 scale miniature.

This now traditional event offered by Peugeot to the community of designers has met with real success and last year set a new record for the number of entries it attracted. Indeed, with 3,800 projects registered on the www.peugeot-concours-design.com site, the number of entries was up by 36 % compared to the 2002 event.The competition also confirmed its international credentials with 2,600 designers from 107 countries, against 90 for the previous edition.


:blink:uh...:blink: yea.

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Just imagine a highway filled with those, and the truck comes by acting like a bowling ball :p

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*Oops, I'm drifting into the other lane...OH SH*T*

"A man and his friend was killed in a head on collision on sunday..."

haha totally impractical :p

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the only thing worth keeping there is the logo.

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I wonder if it has enough HP to do wheelies :p

all these 'city car' concepts are great, until I remember that to go anywhere around here you need a highway car, not a dressed-up golf-cart.

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