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editing bblean styles

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i just started using bblean, but i'm having some trouble editing the styles. none of my changes seems to have any effect on the style.

i'd like:

black slit/toolbar with white text

white menu with black text

any ideas?

thanks. :)

edit: nevermind, got it to work. just started from scratch.

good guide:

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well, it turns out, i do have some questions.

how do i make all of the task items the same gray?

toolbar.windowlabel only controls the current item and toolbar controls everything. basically, i want a black border with the gray interior.


how do i change the flashing color?

how can i right-click my task items to close them?

how do i get it to use my fonts?

how do i disable virtual desktops?

i seemed to have changed something. i no longer have any text on my task buttons. how do i fix this?


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OK i see new user of Blackbox, IMO bbLean is best choice ;)

First you should get bbStylemaker for Blackbox (look at right)

It is a small app with nice GUI with you can make styles for Blackbox (xoblite,bbLean,BB4Win)

For use of fonts in bbStylemaker you can change fonts and size...

For right click to close tasks you need to edit bbleanskin.rc (found it on edit menu, or go your blackbox folder>plugins>bbLeanskin>bbleanskin.rc)

Nice way is to get rid of close,maxmize and minimize buttons, you can do it in bbleanskin.rc

For virtual desktops hold shift+right click on desktops and you will get a menu and go new/remove and Edit Workspaces Names

and then erase all the names of workspaces that you dont need (if you erase all of them, there will be one default

Try bbStylemaker and ask if you need something...

Just for neowin :D my minimalistic bbLean desktop (bbLean @ 1.5MB)

bbSlit with bbIconBox with running tasks are on autohide and bbIconBox with tray on right is also on autohide, you see no buttons

for minimize,maximize,close and no icons (80KB)

Visit for all plugins you need to have or

@ uzable you need to register but you have description of plugins

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thanks, i like editing the style directly and don't want another plugin. it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

as for bbleanskin, i disabled it because i don't see the need for it, as i use my visual style. if i understand it correctly, the right-click to close function in bbleanskin is when you right-click the window. i want to right-click the toolbar to close the task.

thanks, got rid of the desktops. :)

now, i just need a way to get a desktop like in explorer (so i can copy and paste to it, have icons, etc.).

and how do i get a nice-looking recycle bin? i tried bbbin, but it just has a box with "e" or "f" and apparently no setting for an icon.

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Yea I love bblean never found out how to edit it on my own.

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OK, but did you tried bbStyleMaker, its not a plugin its a .exe and very small. I know i have similar opinion, less apps and cleaner is nicer ;)

First of all what bar are you using most of bar have options when you hold ctrl+right click... i think that is just standard toolbar

YOu should find replacement for that toolbar, my opinion is you search or for systembarEx

For icons find bbIcons, or bbIconBox or to make dock you could find bbInterface and make a one

For making a recycle bin try bbIcons or bbInterface...

I dont know really whay do you need icons :x really you could add all apps to your menu

and very fast to find apps. Minimalistic icons are with bbIconBox plugin.

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