Unlock all weapons in BF2 SP

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Go to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2

You will see a file called: Objects_server.zip

BACK THIS FILE UP, then copy(or unzip) this file to a new folder.

Inside the Objects_server.zip file you will see a directory labeled: Kits

BEFORE YOU EDIT, RIGHT CLICK THE KITS SUBDIRECTORY AND UNCHECK 'Read Only' then apply to all subdirectories, etc.

Open the Kits directory, then open the subdirectory of which faction you wish to unlock: (US, MEC, CH).

You will see several files with the .con extension.

With a text editor (Use NOTEPAD or ULTRAEDIT, etc. DO NOT USE WORDPAD), open each .con file corresponding to each class.

For US the files are:








At the end of each file you will see the following text:

ObjectTemplate.unlockLevel 1

Change this to:

ObjectTemplate.unlockLevel 0

Click File->Save, then repeat for all files, then repack the Kits subdirectory into the Objects_server.zip file.(after saving files you can drag the folder back into the .zip file to repack it automatically, or manually rezip the files back) (Using winzip, winrar, etc. WINDOWS XP/2k ZIP Program will NOT work for rearchiving files as far as I know!)

MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THIS EDITED .ZIP SEPERATE FROM THE ORIGINAL, you do NOT want to lose your original, as the modified will probably not work, and/or get you banned from multiplayer. (Since EA likes to suck)

In my case, I made a new folder called 'UNLOCKS' and stuck my edited zip inside, then when I want to play singleplayer I rename the original: Objects_server.zip.ORIG and stick the edited Objects_server.zip from my UNLOCKS folder into the C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2 folder, then when i want to play multi, I move the edited .zip back to the UNLOCKS folder, and rename the Objects_server.zip.ORIG back to Objects_server.zip.


ALL WEAPONS WILL SHOW AS NORMAL WHEN YOU JOIN A SINGLEPLAYER GAME, you will also notice there is NO up/down arrow to select an unlock like there usually is, this is because ALL weapons are now unlocked, and you HAVE to use the upgraded weapon, there is no option to use the normal weapons with this mod.

This HOW TO was written so even an idiot could understand it, I'm sure 99% of you didn't need half of the detailed explanation, so hold your flame posts.

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  • 2 years later...

Nice man... Do you have any idea how to unlock bigger map sizes using code replacement?

If so would be a great help.


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Caps necessary?

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  • 1 year later...

Thanks.....!!!!! :yes:

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lol thread has been revived from the dead, not once

but twice.

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Well, as long as it's back from the dead....

Has anybody tried this with the 1.5 patch thats currently in beta? Does this still work? I've been thinking about reinstalling after 1.5 is final and I'd like to do this if it still works.

BTW does punkbuster throw fits with this on a multiplayer game?

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uhh, sorry to bug but i cant seem to get it to work

it always crashes on the loading screen

theres 2 unlocklevel thingys right?

i had 4 attempts, edited both, edited the 1st 1, then edited the 2nd 1 on ONLY 1 .con file and it crashed

before that i edited all and i still crashed

any tips?

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Yusuf M.

Please don't resurrect old threads.

Thread Closed

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