[NFL]the best QB,HB and WR combo

the best QB,HB and TE combo  

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  1. 1. the best QB,HB and TE combo

    • Ind. Colts P.Manning/E.James/D.Clark
    • KC Chiefs T.Green/P.Holmes/T.Gonzalez
    • SD Chargers D.Brees/T.Tomlinson/A.Gates
    • GB Packers B.Favre/A.Green/B.Franks
    • Bal. Ravens K.Boller/J. Lewis/T.Heap
    • NY Giants E.Manning/T.Barber/J.Shockey
    • other(name team)
    • Raiders combo

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SD Chargers D.Brees/T.Tomlinson/A.Gate


Look how well THAT's working out this year. Sorry, but I think Brees played out of his mind last year and will not come near replicating that. Plus they're not giving LT the ball nearly enough. I don't know what Marty's doing but he better get the playcalling to involve more LT touches.

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i will say KC green holmes gonzalez is the best. which team have the best QB/RB/TE combo right now.



Gonzalez is just as good as a WR. Can you imagine how good the Chiefs offense would be if they had a gamebreaker WR like Harrison, Owens, or Moss? Good Lord.

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sorry about that it was late and i wanted to add best TE RB QB combo but on the radio they were talking about moss vs TO in the egale/raider game


^ can they aford TO or Moss.

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in that list i gotta vote for kc.

i just wish they actually played to their peak. priest always seems to get hurt. and tony is sorta inconsistent lately.

i also like vick/dunn/crumpler

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