To vs Woodson or Moss

which is the better mach up  

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  1. 1. which is the better mach up

    • TO vs WOODSON
    • TO vs MOSS

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the media is making it all "owens vs moss" but its really t.o. against whoever can cover him. i am expecting him to have another big game. same for lj smith.

randy is a pimp too and will most likely have a decent game. just hope that collins doesnt get cremated.

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Woodson was on TO like a glove TO had 9 rec for 80 yards 1 TD 15 long(he got 15 yds and the TD when woodson wasnt on him).

3 raider lose 10,6,3

can the raiders win OMG

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Todays Game was just disapointing The raiders Could have won Except ...ahhh That Janikowski omg.....anyway on the poll Id say That woodson Was all over T.o.

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After a so-so rookie season, though, Janikowski has been money, making 96 of 114 for an 84 percent number.

this year Janikowski is now 3-for-7 on field goals. He has missed as many as he missed all of last year and is under 50 percent after making 89 percent of his field goals the previous two years.

what should the raiders do i have no idea my be get a new kicker

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