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Formula 1 Crowns New World Champion


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Fernando Alonso today became the youngest ever Formula 1 world champion after acquiring an unassailable lead with only two races left in the race calendar, after finishing 3rd at the Brazilian Grand Prix at Sau Paulo.

Congratulations to Fernando and Renault.

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A well earned championship, although i wanted raikonnen to win it, Mclarens came strong towards the end of the season but Renault have been on form through out the whole of the season. Jenson Button next year (Y) :p

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A well earned championship, although i wanted raikonnen to win it, Mclarens came strong towards the end of the season but Renault have been on form through out the whole of the season. Jenson Button next year (Y)  :p


If Raikonnen didn't have those engine failures, i think it would be very close right now, and that tyre failure he had a couple of laps from teh end when he was winning, if only it had held on for a couple laps longer...

Next Season will definetly be very interesting, Alonso has showed how good he is, but if Mclaren can just tidy up their reliability it will be very close, with Montoya showing his pace recently after his shoulder injury, and i kind of hope ferrari can sort them selves out a bit, more competition the better :) Oh, and Jenson and Rubens in the BAR Honda's..will be brilliant :D

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I'm a big Schumacher fan as well. I was disappointed that Ferrari did so badly this year, but I hope thay can bounce back strongly next year.

Sure, Schumi did make F1 a bit of a bore, but to no fault of his. The other teams needed to catch up with Ferrari, and thet leapfrogged them brilliantly this year. It was a refreshing change.

Next year with even more competition should be bloody good. Hope BAR and Williams can get their act together.

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Well it's great to see someone else win the championship this year after so many years of Schumacher boredom.

I agree with Vector I don't think the most deserving driver won the title, Raikkonen was by far the quickest in the field for the majority or the season after a slow start from McLaren. As he already said, but for those engines failures forcing him out of winning positions and pole positions, the title race would be a very different prospect right now.

Having said that, congrats to Alonso who made the most of the chances he was given. Looking forward to next year I think it's gonna be even better! :)

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I would of preferred Kimi to of won the Championship, and he would of by a great distance if McLaren had the reliability. Just think of all his engine failures, hydraulic failures and that tyre failure he had. Not to mention all the times Montoya has crashed off when Kimi has been winning and Alonso had been coming third only to get second. It all mounts up to a lot of points, so good look next season Kimi :)

At least Schumi got beaten, Alonso is one of my favorite drivers but when it comes to choosing between McLaren and Renault and Kimi and Fernando its a no brainer for me.

Well done Fernando Alonso, your a legend, thanks for bringing the life back into F1 :)

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I always want the under dog to win. I was rooting for Alonso when Schumacher was winning, and this year I was rooting for Kimi since Alonso was winning. Congrats to him though, I guess he proved that consistency is more important than speed.

How about A1 though? That was pretty interesting too. A lot more aggresive than F1.

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I remember a interview they did on the Thursday before the race the interviewer said

I: Close your eyes

A: *closes eyes but opens them again quickly incase interviewer has something planned*

I: Close your eyes. Im not gonna do anything

A: *closes eyes*

I: Now imagine its not Thursday. Imagine its Sunday and you place 3rd or better and become the F1 World Champion. What do you see?

A: *opens eyes* I dont see anything because I know its Thursday and not Sunday

I: Close your eyes....I mean what do you see?

A: *closes eyes* I see all black because my eyes are closed

Loved that interview.

Alonzo also had his set of problems....neumatics got torn up but he still held his position at that race. The system that refrigerated him also didnt work in one whole race but he still (I think) placed 1st in that one. Problems are no excuse to lose or win a race. They happen to all pilots. Schumacher was a great person about it; he went a shook Alonzo's hand after the race; Kimi didnt even do sh*t.

BTW There are alot of 5 in this

Renault R-25 (Thats the model of this car I think...It has a 5 Im sure)

He races as #5

Its 2005 (one more year he would have been 25 :p)

He was crowned Sept 25

Some facts: He is the youngest pilot ever to win F1 since 1972

First person from Spain

First time for Renault to have a F1 Champion

So hey; Congrads to him. Lets now start waiting for Fernando Alonso watches, Fernando Alonso caps, Fernando Alonso streets, Fernando Alonso wallets etc etc...

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