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Last Updated: 23rd June 2006

This will be ready for the 2008 season when the F1 rules have stopped changing and everything is unified. I expect to have a basic one for testing for the 2007 season.

Please post your ideas and suggestions for the Fantasy F1 game. I will have a version that can be tested by you guys so we can make it PERFECT!!

The url for the game will be

Please keep this pinned, Thanks!


Would anyone be intrested in joining a Fantasy F1 game?

Also, what kind of features would you want to see?

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you can count me in aswell but if it ends up being like it has being for the past few years then it might be a bit predictable


This season has been really exciting, one of the best for a while. 2004 was boring. 2003 was a really good season though.

So I disagree with you saying that it might be a bit "predicable".


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No no, not lazy. It got too silly with all the new rules...etc

Will be one next season though.

Sorry guys!!

I'd like for this to stay pinned though, as people can help me test the development of it and also include any ideas for me!!!

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