NFL Week 5 Expert Picks - Excel File

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Back again for week 5.

Here is the link:

Updated: 10/08/05 4:40 PM EST

My apologies for the late post. ESPN Insider was a little delayed :)...

At least now all the ESPN Talent picks are there :).

To view my file you need the following:

1) A program to decompress a .zip file. I provide it as a zip to save precious bandwidth. If you have Windows XP you need not worry about this step as Windows XP will read .zip files. If you don't have Windows XP, you will need a program like winzip,

2) A program to view an excel file. Any version of Microsoft Excel will work. If you don't have Microsoft Excel you can use Microsoft's free Excel viewer:

Again, just to be clear, picks to the LEFT of the black bar are straight up.

Picks to the RIGHT of the black bar are against the spread.

Whats new in this release of the excel file:

1) I have added Frank Caliendo's picks from FOX NFL Sunday. He makes his picks on Sundays. Since I dont wake up in time to catch the pregame show I add his picks after I watch the MSN Video of his picks. So while the sheet says his picks come out on Sunday, I wont add them until later...Tuesday if Im lucky...

2) Frank Caliendo's picture :)


1) Chris Shultz (TSN): The record I have for him is one win less than what he has on his site. This is because he was a dope and said the Saints won the spread against the Giants in week 2 when it was the Giants who won outright. He picks the Saints and that is the "extra" win he has.

2) Madden NFL 2006 (IGN), Lomas Brown (IGN) and Jon Robinson (IGN) have 1 win less than reported on their site. This is because Jon Robinson can't add. I checked all the picks, every week. All of them are right. He just added poorly for week 3 or 4...whichever week it was.

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