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1)Bruschi comes back: i heard this on fox sports radio, in 3 weeks bruschi has plans to practice.


2)Romanowski admits using steroids from Conte

Bill Romanowski used steroids and human growth hormone supplied by Victor Conte, the former NFL linebacker tells CBS' 60 Minutes in an interview to


3)Ravens may be beyond repair

Let me state for the record I think that Ravens coach Brian Billick has done a fantastic job in his tenure as the coach of the Baltimore Ravens-quote


4) injuries for Jac vs pit

Roethlisberger, Ward miss practice again

Taylor questionable for Steelers game


5)NEW YORK (AP) - Jeremy Shockey, the New York Giants' flamboyant and sometimes spectacular tight end, signed a five-year, $31.2 million contract


6)odd news

Police foil plot to kidnap Jaguars cheerleader


what a year in the NFL and more what a week, off and on the field. what do you guys think of all this news.

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