NFL Week 6 Expert Picks - Excel File - RESULTS

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Here is the link (Updated 10/18/05 2:30 AM):

Sorry about not having the ESPN Insider picks by gameday...or even MNF (not that I update the file on the server before MNF anyway). The guy who was supplying me with them didnt send me them and he didnt answer my PM's, e-mails, and he wasnt on AIM for me to contact. I had to find someone else to get the picks.

If any of you know someone with ESPN Insider access that can get me the picks every week from here on out I would greatly appreciate it.

Whats new in this release:

I think from now on I will update this on Tuesday morning a few hours after MNF as opposed to right after it. I will do this so I can add in the current lines for next week into the file. Im guessing that the online sportsbooks dont update their lines until business hours as opposed to right after the game, but who knows.

So this is the first week I have week 7's OPENING lines, favorites, home teams and my picks on tuesday morning's update. All the lines are of course subject to change by the time I put Friday/Saturday's update online. Enjoy.

To view my file you need the following:

1) A program to decompress a .zip file. I provide it as a zip to save precious bandwidth. If you have Windows XP you need not worry about this step as Windows XP will read .zip files. If you don't have Windows XP, you will need a program like winzip,

2) A program to view an excel file. Any version of Microsoft Excel will work. If you don't have Microsoft Excel you can use Microsoft's free Excel viewer:


Week 6 Best: 12-2; 12-2; ESPN Insider Scouts, Steve Lassan (, John McMullen (, J.J. Pesavento (, Nate Davis (USAToday), Jon Robinson (IGN Man vs Machine), Trevor F(2) (, Trent (AskTheCommish), Cris Collinsworth (HBO), Paul Attner(2) (Sporting News), Dennis Dillon (Sporting News), Dan Pompei (Sporting News), Arnie Spanier (Sporting News), The Favorites

Week 6 Worst: 7-7; Eric Allen (ESPN)

Overall Best: 61-27; The Favorites (3 weeks straight)

Overall Worst: 44-44; Ship Wood (USAToday)


Week 6 Best: 11-3; Chris Bahr (Sporting News)

Week 6 Worst: 3-11; Paul Attner (Sporting News), Carl Moritz (Sporting News)

Overall Best: 50-36-2; Harmon Forecast (CBS Sportsline), Michael Fabiano (CBS Sportsline) (3 weeks straight)

Overall Worst: 26-60-2; Jeffrey Boswell ( (5 weeks straight)

On a quick side note, I decided to put, in parenthesis, the number of weeks the person had the best or worst record...

See: Paul Attner and Trevor F under the straight up best...they have a (2) next to their name, in bold. That indicates that this is the second week that they had the best record.

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