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"Smuggling" gmail into the UK


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I wonder if, on message boards such as this and elsewhere, people who live outside countries such as Germany and the UK will start "assisting" those who live within those countries to get real @gmail.com email accounts, as opposed to @googlemail.com ones.

If I sign up a new gmail account here in the UK, it's now going to be a googlemail account. For example, I could be capeche@googlemail.com and wouldn't be allowed to have capeche@gmail.com.

But if I had a friend in America or some other country set up a gmail account for me and then send me the login details, well, then I could have a proper gmail account.

Will people start engaging in such "smuggling"? :rofl:

PS See here for details.

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People probably will. I've had my Gmail account for well over a year now anyway and I hope it stays that way!

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