NFL Week 7 Expert Picks - Excel File

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Back again for week 7.

Here is the link:

Updated: 10/22/05 2:15 AM EST

My apologies for the late post. I had a late wedding to attend.

To view my file you need the following:

1) A program to decompress a .zip file. I provide it as a zip to save precious bandwidth. If you have Windows XP you need not worry about this step as Windows XP will read .zip files. If you don't have Windows XP, you will need a program like winzip,

2) A program to view an excel file. Any version of Microsoft Excel will work. If you don't have Microsoft Excel you can use Microsoft's free Excel viewer:

Again, just to be clear, picks to the LEFT of the black bar are straight up.

Picks to the RIGHT of the black bar are against the spread.

Notes and news:

1) I have added the 4 teams each week, from weeks 3 to 10, that have byes. They are in neon green on the left of the excel sheet. It should be pretty clear.

2) Chris Shultz has two more losses than he has on his site. This is due bad math in two picks...NYG/NO week 2 and CLE/IND (bonehead move in copying the spread wrong...he copied 13.5 as 3.5...that kind of throws things off)

3) I just want to let you know the following:

Here are the picks I am able to check against previous weeks to see if my record matches the one the pickers have on their site:

ESPN, CNNSI-Peter King, CNNSI-Dr.Z, Sports-Central-Jeffrey Boswell,, AskTheCommish, IGN Man vs. Machine, Jeff Zillgitt-USAToday, Frank Caliendo, ESPN Insider, Yahoo, HBO, Sporting News, Me, Favorites, Home, Vinnie Iyer-Sporting News, Bill Simmons, and Chris Shultz.

That pretty much means you can trust the records I have for them.

The ones I cant check are:

Jay Novacek-MSNBC, the rest of USAToday (minus Jeff Zillgitt), CBS Sportsline,

There are 61 sets of picks.

18 of them i cant check the history.

Thus 70.5% of the picks are accurate and checkable.

29.5% of them I cant check and may not be accurate, especially the ATS picks.

I say especially the ATS picks because of all the ATS picks, the ones I cant check against the history are the ones that dont provide scores and are made against the line when the choice was made. If the line changes, so does the pick, something I do not watch for.

As a result the following pickers have records (on site) that differ from the one I have in the pick file:

Michael Fabiano, +2 wins listed on site

Pete Prisco, +1

Clark Judge, +1

Greg Bloomberg, +1, -3, +3, -1 (straight up), -1 (straight up), -1 (straight up)

Jay Novacek, +2 (straight up)

Hopefully you guys wont mind the minor problems, either on my part, or the line change.

I just copy what I see...if they change their pick I have no control over it...its a pain in the ass, but i had the same problem last year as well...

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