Player forced to remove wedding ring to play soccr

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I can't believe it, this Soccer player was forced to remove his WEDDING RING by the ref before play, and when he couldn't get it off he was forced to sit on the sideline.

Firstly, this is soccer, a game played with the Feet, Knees and Head. The Hands and Fingers stay away from contact from anything.

Secondly, if his hands were to accidently make contact with another player, a discrete wedding ring isn't going to cause any damage.

"Rules are Rules", but the point of these rules is to stop players from hurting each other with their watches, bling, knuckledusters, etc. But a WEDDING RING? How absurd.

Mori forced to cut off wedding ring

Perth Glory striker Damian Mori says he will have his wedding ring cut off this week so he can play against the Queensland Roar in their round 10 A-League match in Brisbane on Saturday.

Mori was not allowed to take the field for the Glory in their 2-1 win over the Melbourne Victory in Perth on Sunday night, after referee Mark Shield requested the 35-year-old remove his wedding ring prior to the kick-off.

He was unable to do so, forcing the Glory to start the match with 10 men.

Former England international Brian Deane came on as substitute for Mori in the fifth minute of play.

Shield said his decision was in line with A-League rules, which state players must remove all jewellery prior to taking the field.

Mori said he had not known he was in violation of the rules, as he had played while wearing the ring in previous A-League matches.

He said match officials had not checked if players were wearing jewellery during the team's warm-up prior to Sunday night's clash.

"It only happened two minutes before the start of the game, I mean our referees never came in and checked," he said.

"I've played the last four games with this ring, so I've actually played the last 11 years with the ring on. I didn't know there was a rule there."

Mori said he would have the ring cut off as it could not be removed otherwise.

"We tried to take it off, the ring doesn't come off, it has to be cut off," he said.

"We didn't have the tools to cut off and then he [shield] just wouldn't let us play."

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lol this is stupid.

Alot of players in england do normaly take there ring or necklace off but if they can't take rings off then normaly they just tape them up with abit of pading.

Oh and rings can cause some pain to a player if they are hit. Also players don't like addias predator boots as if you get them run down your leg they can cut you

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I can kind of understand why they don't want players wearing wedding bands, since they could possibly break that finger and the swelling mixed with a wedding band could be harmful....buuuut it can always be cut off of the I guess it's not that big of a deal.

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100% support the ref on this one, sorry. I have seen first hand the damage that a wedding ring can cause (in rugby). Was teped over, but that did nothing!

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"I've played the last four games with this ring, so I've actually played the last 11 years with the ring on."

So he's only played 4 games in the last 11 years? :whistle:

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You ever seen a fingers skin removed cos of a persopn wearing their wedding band? Not a pretty sight and too right the referee did the right thing.



Its safty more than anything.

I know someone who jumped over something, got a normal ring caught on it, when they landed they only have 9 fingers.

Just take the damn ring off.

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Especially considering the fact that he couldn't get it off the 'normal' way, it's likely he could dislocate his finger...couple that with taking the skin of and he could very likely lose his finger. Not a pretty thought.

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