I am thinking of selling my iBook


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I am planning to sell of my iBook G4 (Neobay or eBay) which turns 1 year next week. I bought this from Apple education store and config is given below.

I am curious to know how much is this worth currently ?

iBook G4 12"

PowerPC 1.2 GHz

768MB RAM (256 Apple + 512 Corsair)


Airport Extreme + Bluetooth

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther + iLife'04 + usual Apple bundling

I still get a decent 4.5 hrs on full charge (battery replaced under recall sometime in May/June)

and usual wear & tear (no major scratches)

Also have TV + VGA adapter with this.

Will this fetch somewhere in the range of $750-800 ? :unsure:

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