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HTML Question


Raum    1

I'm working on a new website and I want to know what code I need to do the following:

I'm going to make a FAQs page for a program, and I want there to be a list of all the FAQ topics. I want each item to be a link which takes you to the part of the page that the corresponding FAQ's answer is found. So it'd look something like this:


1. How many mb is program

2. What is program for

3. Who wrote it

1. How many mb is Program

A: The program is .5 mb

I'm sorry if I'm over-complicating this with my elaborate explanation, I'm just trying to make sure you guys know what I'm trying to describe. Thanks.

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+mrbester    204

It would probably be good to have the actual FAQs as a definition list as well...

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