Commander-In-Chief's trophy stolen from Navy

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Wow check this story out, pretty crazy. GO NAVY!

Before Navy can retain the Commander-In-Chief's Trophy by beating Army on Saturday, the Midshipmen will first have to find it.

The trophy, awarded annually to the winner of the football competition between the three major service academies, was stolen Monday night from the team locker room, Navy spokesman Scott Strasemeier said Wednesday.

The trophy had been on display in a locked glass case for the past two years at Bancroft Hall, the school's dormitory. It was moved to the football building to provide motivation for the players, but sometime after 9:30 p.m., the 170-pound trophy was taken from the locked building, Strasemeier said.

Left in its place was a note that read: "Before we win the football game on Saturday, we thought we would take the trophy. By the time you read this, it will be halfway to West Point," home of the U.S. Military Academy.

"We don't know who did it," Strasemeier said. "The investigation is ongoing."

Although it would appear that the theft was an Army prank, there was no evidence except for the note. In the past, Army has stolen the goat that Navy used as a mascot.

"We hope that it's a prank, and I am assuming it is, considering the note that was left," Strasemeier said. "As long as the trophy shows up Saturday in the same condition as it was Monday night, no harm, no foul."

Could it all be a prank?

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Here is one from ESPN that they televised before the game...The ones that I took are on my camera at my office. I must looks damn good for someone who was probably wasted and painting in the dark :whistle:.


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