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How do I washout an image in Photoshop?


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there is no color going on top. It is just for a myspace page...so I am not doing layers. I just need to make this photo more transparent/washed out. Thanks for any help!

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Option 1:

a) If the layer has a little lock beside it in the Layers Palette, double click it, and press enter (this unlocks the layer)

b) Now, press [CTRL] + [sHIFT] + [N] - new layer

c) Drag the newest layer underneath the first one

d) Click once on the new layer, so it is selected, then press [D] - this will reset your colours, then press [CTRL] + [bACKSPACE] to fill it with white

e) Lastly, select the top layer, and in the topright of the Layers Palette, knock Opcaity down to around 20%, maybe lower.

Option 2, not as good, but easier:

a) Goto Image > Adjustments > Brightness

b) Whack the brightness up until it looks washed out enough


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