[NCAAFB]fresno St did it again

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Fresno State coach Pat Hill's credo: anyone, anytime, anyplace. Maybe the Bulldogs should worry more about winning the WAC than beating middle-of-the-road BCS schools. Fresno State finally beat Boise State this year, then blew the conference championship after back-to-back losses to Nevada and Louisiana Tech. Hill admitted the Bulldogs might have emptied their tank emotionally after a close loss to top-ranked Southern California on November 19, but that's no excuse for frittering away a chance at their first outright WAC championship. In the past three years, the Bulldogs are 5-4 against BCS teams but have seven league losses

they blow it, i dont know what to say just beat 1 of 2, 1/2 A$$ teams and win WAC win both to stay in top 25. with 2 or more Top 15 teams losing.

but we still a bowl game

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on local sport talk radio, they were saying both the Fresno St games they didnt play with the flame or fire they did with USC.

i think USC tolk so much out of them they couldnt find the fire. or maybe they couldnt get fire to beat to bad teams, but they will get the fire in the bowl game.

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