what's the car of your dreams?


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i was wandering what's the neowinans dream car??? :rofl:

in my case, i'm between two:

a classic Mercedes-Benz 280 sl (couldn't find beter pics :blush: this with the nasty purple)


and a new beauty, the maybach coupe exelero:




so, what's is your???

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I'm gonna be a bit more realistic here (Bugatti Veyron, now that's a car of dreams, and only dreams).

After driving the (new) Toyota MR2, I absolutely love it.


Also, the Subaru Impreza; this has always been a favourite of mine.


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id love the skyline r34 or whatever the latest model lancer evo is when i can drive two cars i truly love

but in pure dream id love a veyron just flabbergasting

and also i have a thing for the mclaren f1

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2005 Aston Martin DBR9


That one in the picture is the DBRS9 my friend. the DBR9 is the LeMans car that you can't buy. DBRS9 is the one everyone can buy... :)

I would take the DBRS9 too, or a S4 with $100k on mods...

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1969-1972 Chevy K5 Blazer, bright yellow.

'57 Chevy Bellaire

1953 Dodge Powerwagon

Porsche Carrera 911 GT2

Military HMMWV

and a Osh Kosh HET M1070 to pull it all around with.


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