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Friend's 6600GT Upgrade HP / Checksum Error

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DirtyLarry    2,093

Okay as I said, this is a friend of mine not me. I also am doing my best to give him tech support over the phone, I have yet to see the computer in person, but I do know this.

He had a Nvidia GeForce2 MX200 he believes.

The computer he is trying to upgrade the card into is a HP Presario 1.8 MHz

He went out a purchased a evga 6600 GT

When he swapped out the cards and rebooted, he gets an error along the lines of "101-Option ROM Checksum Error" and then the text along with the error says something like if you recently upgraded a piece of hardware, take it out as it is not working. He then cannot get into windows at all, he is stuck at this error he says.

Now I know the checksum error has to do with the BIOS, and it can be a number of things. My hunch is he is not getting enough power to the card and it simply will not work.

He checked, and he only has a 250W PSU, and evga's site recommends a minimum of 350 for the 6600 GT.

I of course said for him to make sure he had power to the card itself. He said he did.

I just have no other clue what to tell him since I am not really familiar with the error itself and/or the HP Presario, and a Google search really does not reveal anything except power supplies and ram issues. Since the ram worked before this, I am leaning towards inadequate power.

I am also not eliminating the fact he might need a BIOS update or something along those lines.

So I was wondering does anyone have any experience with this specific error, upgrading HP Presario's, and/or any other ideas of what it could be? I am going to have him bring the comp over tomorrow night it looks like, so any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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