Biaggi to WSBK?

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Bayliss, Barros, Biaggi, Xaus are all in WSBK against Corser and everyone else

Then in MotoGP Rossi, Hayden, Melandri, with Pedrosa and Stoner mixed in

Can't wait for 06!!!

Kinda translated:

Finally the telenovela of the roman champion it has arrived to the term, Max Biaggi (hour in vacation to malibu') correra' the next world-wide championship Superbike, with the official Suzuki.

The official announcement sara' given but to sources many neighbors tomorrow has confirmed that the operation "rescue" of the great roman champion has gone in port.

Fortunately the roman champion stara' not to watch the contests in tv. We of RACERGP.COM are happy of this also why during one aimed of TEAM SPORT, our Gianluca From opinionista Ara of the transmission together to Fabrizio Marcucci that cures the page motor, of it had spoken.

We are happy of this resolution finally we would have the certainty not to lose a champion as Biaggi and of this of trarra' benificio all the Superbike that with the arrival of the roman champion more and more takes shape like the more fascinating championship of the next year. We of RACERGP.COM once again are happy that a vicissitude that little had to that to make with the sport has had a positive outcome, this also thanks to the FG SPORT that has made of the passion the pulling ahead motor of the Superbike.

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Sad to see Biaggi and Barros not getting rides... they are the only ones worthy of being in MotoGP, i guess they are getting on a bit anyway.

It will be very hard for the new boys, Melandri and Hayden only started to show what they could do in their 3rd seasons... theres a very big learning curve.

Unless your Rossi of course, who won a few races on his debut season :D

I'm expecting Melandri to take it to Rossi next season, i dunno why but Hayden doesn't have that commitment to go for it like Rossi or Melandri... maybe its an Italian thing.

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I think it will be all Rossi of corse, while Melandri and Hayden kinda nip at Rossi's ass. I am glad those two got their game together toward the end of the season.

I also can't wait to see how Pedrosa and Stoner do.

2006 season can't come soon enough..

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