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Rose Bud

Hello, I am a active seller on on-line auctions. This certain seller and I, we have to blows several times in competion, selling the same or simular items.

He has recently copied a picture from my auction and used it for his own auction, now this is a No-No so I reported him, and his auction was ended. I do think this person is not playing with a full deck going to this extreme !!

So now, I go to check out this sellers auctions to make sure the picture is not being used again.

Now when I go to his page, their are no pictures...JUST this PICTURE OF A BADGE THAT SAYS "CYBER STALKER" AND HAS THIS WRITING SAYING YOU HAVE been identified as a cyber stalker..ie all this other garbage.

THIS badge picture has been replaced with all of his pictures, all of his links to other auction, his auction title, his auction menu.

I thought this was very strange, maybe a fluke, so I had a few friends view the same pages I was looking at. Now when they view his auctions the pictures are there, the title is there, all the links are all active with the menu intack.

I am sure he has blocked me from viewing his pictures. My I.P address is very easy to find since I have a website and it's so simple to look it up..

Does anyone know what this person is using to block me from viewing his picutres?

I would just love to get his goat and do the same?

I hope someone can help PLEASE !! Thanks

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