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Portsmouth Football Club, With one of the best supporters club in the country has seen half of the club taken over in what is suspected worth 15mill. Milan Mandric has accept the bid which is also buy a half now and buy the other half later.

The buyer is Alexandre Gaydamak son of Arcadi Gaydamak .,00.html

It has been said that at some point 100million could be made for transfers !

This could be great but i'm slighty worried that it would be a new era for pompey but pompey fans are passionate and will always strive for some success. But if we do get this money then we could see ourselves at the top half of the table if we stay up this season

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WEEE, all have gone thru.

We got a player on a loan i think,

Emmanuel Olisadebe - Aged 27 - Polish - Pay As You Play

Benjani Mwaruwari - Aged 27 - Zimbabwe - 4.1mill (New club record)


Giannis Skopelitis - Was on loan

Robert - Loaned ended - Gone to Benefica


Zvonimir Vukic - Going to Partizan Belgrade MAYBE

Things seem to be going ok

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Benjani Mwaruwari was recommended to us by Aresene Wenger as Arsenal had played Auxerre and Benjani was playing.

Also Redknap got Yakubu on advice of Alex Ferguson after man utd played his old club Maccbi Hifia, who knew he was a great player as there was a sell on clause.

We had brought him for something like 3 mill for, clause was that that his old club would get like %40 of the next transfer fee. so we only got 4mill from selling him. which i think mostly went to paying of half of the debt of the club

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Sacha had said that his dad is not involved (but i do suspect he is)

Sacha has made the money himself from his brokerage in russia and selling stuff on the stock market.

People have asked questions about his business but i don't think that matters.

So going to be hopefully great times to come once we get out of relegation.

Also sky sports andy grey has said why pompey?

Well considering pompey were listed in the times growing business, it's clear to see that you can buy pompey cheap and then invest money in to the team and get better postion and then bulid it up and get a postion in the ufea cup if everything gets done and the team is bulit up over the seasons. So pompey is a great business to start with as it is near debt free and there is so much untaped money and potentional.

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I watch the French league highlights on CH5 late at night.... Mwaruwari is a fine player.

Very strong, good at almost everything you can do on the pitch.

You will stay up for sure.

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:) Glad to see other footy fans are pleased for pompey

Only way is up for pompey.

Mwaruwari should be making his debut against Everton next. Maybe olisedabe might play.

Sadly after the last few proformances i think lua lua is starting to loose his mind, he hasn't played that well and can have a negative effect when trying to attack as lua lua is either on a wing or in midfield so when attacking you are either using your wingers or central midfielders to go and start to attack when there is just one striker open.

Also Silva scored today but sort of walked of the pitch when subbed, maybe he knows he is now further down the pecking field.

Again another also is that toddy seems to be sitting on the bench abit more and i wonder what will happen to him and pericard now with the 2 new strikers.

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3 New players in today from spurs. deal worth 7.5million.

Miguel Pedro Mendes

Sean Davis

Noe Pamarot

So in the window we have spent about 12million on 4 players and another player on a pay as you play.

Problem is we got 10 strikers!!!!

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Awesome deal for Portsmouth I think. Mendes and Davis will rule the midfield for Portsmouth, and they already know how to play with each other.....

They wont have to adapt to the Prem either, expect great things Shibby.

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