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Need help with website header image



A While back alot of people helped me out on this forum with a logo for one of my websites and am now needing help again.

This new website is simply for my guild in the popular online game called World of Warcraft.

The guild name is "The Dark Angels" - Its an Alliance guild if your familar with the game.

I can't offer any money this time for an image but just looking for some creative / bored people that wouldn't care to help me out.

I would like a header image to use across the entire site, around 600-800 pixels in width. Nothing fancy, hopefully when in a few weeks I can come back and offer money for a better image.

Web site background will be black and primary colors will be Yellow or Gold / White.

Website location : www.dark-angels-guild.com

Hopefully maybe a couple people could help me out with this.

Thanks in advance!

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