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Proxy Applications.




At work/uni I connect to the net through a proxy that requires authentication.

My problem is that not all the applications I use online can handle proxy authentication.

What I am looking for is a program that sets up a local tunnel, so I set my applications proxy settings to localhost. The ProxyApp would have my connection details including the authentication details, and will then go out to the net.

Preferably I would like this app to run local on the computer, rather than having to tunnel out past the proxy/firewall as I am not attempting to bypass anything.

An example app that can't connect is Yahoo Widgets (Konfabulator). It accepts a proxy string, but will not accept username:password@proxy:port - it just changes it to proxy.

Currently I use an extensive proxy.pac file to handle to proxy choice for IE/Firefox but that does not handle authentication AFAIK. But although the widgets can refer to the IE proxy, I don't think they can handle auto config files.


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